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Resources for Working with Youth

Preparation recommends that all organizations seeking to help support youth do a program evaluation before beginning outreach and advocacy. CDC resources on how to conduct a good evaluation. 


  • Blessed Youth: Breaking the Silence on Mental Health and Youth and the Blessed Youth Survival Guide by Rev. Dr. Sarah Lund 

Sarah is a UCC clergy colleague and has been guiding discussions around mental health and youth for many years. Blessed Youth Survival Guide offers the tools youth need to survive when they are feeling disconnected, confused, and alone. This survival guide is specifically for youth and covers topics that today's youth will undoubtedly face such as anxiety, sadness, depression, phobias, OCD, panic attacks, PTSD, trauma, and therapy.

Other Resources

  • Peer Pastoral Care Course The Peer Pastoral Care course on UU Institute is designed to provide skills to high school aged youth to be self-aware, supportive listeners who know who to turn to in a crisis.

This course helps youth to:

- Assess their ability and appropriateness to offer pastoral care to a peer

- Build awareness and skills regarding boundaries, self care, and “burn-out”

- Practice a variety of listening techniques to strengthen their effectiveness in a pastoral role

- Determine whether and to whom a pastoral situation needs to be triaged, i.e., when and how to expand the circle of care

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