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Family System Therapy

This material is from The Very Well Mind

Family systems therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on

the family as a whole unit. A central tenet of this approach is that a

family is an emotional unit and individual behavior must be

considered from the context of the family. People are influenced

by their family but each person also influences their entire family.


This approach also suggests that the family is more than the sum

of its parts. When something affects one member of the group, it can have a resounding impact on every other member of the family. For that same reason, the strength and stability of the family unit can provide balance and support when one family member is experiencing problems.


In addition to taking into account the family system as a unit, this approach to therapy also considers how generational, social, community, and cultural factors influence individuals and families.



The Bowen Center is who started Internal Family Systems so it’s entire website is packed with resources.

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