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Journeying with the
UU Mental Health Network




Thanks for your interest in becoming involved in the activities of the UU Mental Health Network (UUMHN). This is an opportunity for Unitarian Universalists to honor each individual’s unique mental health journey towards wellness.


We invite you to journey with us one one or more of the following ways:

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Make a commitment to serve in one of these ways: 

  • Education Team: Create resource list and encourage  congregations to develop mental health ministries 

  • Worship Team: Help provide periodic worship services in the HELD worship room

  • Support Group: Get training and run a mental health family or peer support group

  • Social Justice Team: Advocate for mental health social justice issues 

  • Communication Team: Publish on mental health issues and Inform people about the status of our efforts

  • Website: Help develop and maintain the website

  • Another form of service of your own design


Make a commitment to attend or join:  

Make a financial commitment 

  • Collection: Have a special collection designated for UUMHN at your faith community

  • Pledge: Make a yearly contribution that you can sustain.  

  • Fundraise:  Another way, ex: Help run a Faithify campaign to support UUMHN ministries and projects.

  • Another method of contribution of your design 

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Journey with Us

Click this link to tell us how you will  

Journey with Us. 

Women Voting

Become a Voter at the UUMHN Business Meetings

In addition to journeying with us in any of the above ways, you may also choose to be a voter at business meetings of the organization.  If you wish to have voting privileges at business meetings, you may do so by sending your name and contact information to UUMHN Voter.  


Note:  If you choose to become a voter, it is very important that you make a personal commitment to attend meetings at which there will be a vote.

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