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Related to Suicide

Personal Stories

  • Brandeis, Gayle. The Art of Misdiagnosis: Surviving My Mother’s Suicide, Beacon Press, 2017.

  • Hayashi, Mary. Far from Home – Shattering the Myth of the Model Minority, by Mary Chung Hayashi, Tapestry Press, 2003. (BIPOC)

  • Heckler, Richard A. Waking Up Alive – The Descent, The Suicide Attempt and the Return to Life,  G.P. Putnam Sons, 1994.

  • Hines, Kevin. Cracked, Not Broken – Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt, Rowman and Littlefield, 2013.

  • Vizzini, Ned. It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Miramax Books, Hyperion, 2006.

Book Resources

  • Bolton, Iris with Curtis Mitchell, My Son … My Son … – A Guide to Healing After Death, Loss, or Suicide, Bolton Press Atlanta, 1983.

  • Collins, Judy. Sanity and Grace: A Journey of Suicide, Survival and Strength,  Jeremy P. Tarcher, 2003.

  • Ellis, Thomas and Newman, Cory. Choosing to Live – How to Defeat Suicide through Cognitive Therapy,  New Harbinger Publications, 1996.

  • Fine, Carla, No Time to Say Goodbye – Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One,  Broadway Books, 1997.

  • Grollman, Earl A. Suicide: Prevention, Intervention, Postvention, Second Edition,  Beacon Press, 1988.

  • Jamison, Kay Redfield. Night Falls Fast – Understanding Suicide, Alfred A. Knopf, 1999.

  • Keefe, Rachael, A. The Lifesaving Church – Faith Communities and Suicide Prevention,  Chalice Press, 2018.

  • Litts, David, Editor, After a Suicide – Recommendations for Religious Services & Other Public Memorial Observances, Suicide Prevention Resource Center, 2004.

Online Resources

American Association of Suicidology

Dedicated to understanding and prevention of suicide. Links to suicide support groups nation-wide.


Excellent collection of interfaith resources for faith communities for suicide prevention.

International Association for Suicide Prevention

Dedicated to preventing suicidal behavior, to alleviate its effects, and to provide a forum for academicians, mental health professionals, crisis workers, volunteers, and suicide survivors.

Mission is to prevent suicides, support suicide survivors, and educate the public about suicide.

Suicide Resources

Comprehensive list of on-line resources for suicide prevention.

Suicide A Major, Preventable Mental Health Problem

Suicide prevention information from the National Institute of Mental Health.

The Trevor Project 

Designed for support to LGBTQ youth

call 1-866-488-7386, text START to 678678, or visit TrevorChat 

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