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UU Mental Health Network

"UU's - Finding Our Voices"

Help the members of UUMHN (Unitarian Universalist Mental Health Network) plan our journey in honoring our unique mental health pathways towards wellness and RECOVERY. Your input as either an ally or someone who has lived with emotional distress is needed and appreciated. We seek your thoughtful participation in responding to these two surveys - and then gathering with us on Zoom. Help us to 'paint a picture' of where we "are", and how you would like to become involved.


Survey 1:

This is the link to Survey 1 - ("UU's - Finding Our Voices") -


Survey 2:  ADDITIONALLY, especially if you are interested in VOLUNTEERING - please find ANOTHER survey ("Finding our Voices - OUR NEXT STEPS").

This is the link to Survey 2 - ("Finding Our Voices - NEXT STEPS") -

Zoom Meeting:

We plan to share a summary of your Voices via a Zoom gathering on Sunday. April 24, 2022, at 4-5:30 PDT/7-8:30 EDT.

Register for it at

If you have questions, please contact



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