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Unitartian Universalist Mental Health Network
Become a UUMHN Beloved

Thank you for your interest in participating in the UU Mental Health Network (UUMHN). We are thrilled you are here! We use the term "UUMHN Beloved" to indicate that a person is actively participating in the organization.  This is an opportunity for Unitarian Universalists to empower the Beloved Community in honoring each individual’s unique mental health journey towards wellness.  We want to further connect, build community and develop leadership within the work of UUMHN and our connection to broader justice movements.

If you have done at least four of the things from the list below (with at least one from each category - Service, Support and Participation ), then you can click the link to become a UUMHN Beloved.

We are grateful to Black Lives of UU for the example of using Beloved as a name, and for the structure of involvement.

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Sign up, be part of and actively contribute to an effort of UUMHN  

Apply, sign up to join, or serve in any variety of capacities, by contacting and leaving your name, contact information and what you would like to help with:

  • Creating another method of service of your design

Office Conference


  • Fundraise at your church for UU Mental Health Network, if you are affiliated with a congregation.  For example, having a special collection designated for the UU Mental Health Network.

  • Have committed to making a contribution that you can sustain  ($25 yearly dues suggested)  (or have already paid dues) 

  • Making another method of support of your design 



  • Be a part of the UUMHN Facebook group. Introduce yourself, actively contribute and engage and support other members of the group.

  • Being part of the UUMHN Board, if elected as a Board Member

  • Commit to attending the annual meeting in person or through online virtual access.

  • Participating in another way to participate of your own design

Become a

UUMHN Beloved

If you believe you are ready to become a UU Mental Health Network Beloved, see:

Become a UUMHN Beloved.  

You’ll receive a confirmation email that we have received your UUMHN Beloved form. After review of your form, we’ll notify you of your UUMHN Beloved status. 

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Other Ways to Be Involved

The following are additional ways of relating to the UU Mental Health Network 

Becoming a Voter at the UUMHN Business Meetings


In addition to becoming a UUMHN Beloved, you may also choose to be a voter at business meetings of the organization.  Selecting this means that you will make a personal commitment to be present at meetings where votes are taken. If you wish to have voting privileges at business meetings, see:

Become a Voting Member

Joining the UUMHN Mailing List

You do not have to become a UUMHN Beloved to be on our mailing list.  If you wish to join the mailing list, see:

UUMHN mailing list 

Women Voting
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